cosmetic dentistry  Glendale, AZ

Cosmetic Dentistry

Sometimes, a dental concern is negatively affecting the look of your mouth, while the treatment is not medically necessary for function. In this kind of scenario, cosmetic dentistry comes into play. This type of dentistry includes a variety of treatments that improve the appearance of your smile and boost your self-confidence. While these procedures may not be necessary, many of them strengthen your teeth and improve the quality of your life. They often go far beyond cosmetics to offer major benefits to health and function. The results of these treatments tend to be very rewarding.

We are able to provide an array of cosmetic dentistry services at Arrowhead Ranch Dentistry. There are many types of cosmetic dentistry techniques that you could take advantage of. Be open with us about your hopes and goals so we can achieve the smile you want.

Veneers  Glendale, AZ


Porcelain Veneers are wafer-thin, custom-made shells of tooth-colored materials designed to cover the front surface of teeth to improve appearance. These shells are bonded to the front of the teeth changing their color, shape, size, or length. We recommend this treatment to anyone experiencing discoloration that cannot be fixed with whitening or if your teeth are damaged. Porcelain veneers are also an option if you’re unhappy with the shape or look of your natural teeth.

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Dentures  Glendale, AZ


If you are missing teeth, dentures can provide a positive solution to improving your oral health. We are proud to provide dentures that are designed to fit your mouth for proper function and unique comfort. Following your appointment, we will provide you with information on at-home care for your dentures. We strongly recommend scheduling follow up appointments for periodic denture cleanings.

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Porcelain Crowns  Glendale, AZ

Porcelain Crowns

Getting porcelain crowns is the best way to have a very natural looking smile. They are used when simply filling in a tooth is not an option. There are times when they decay is so bad that we just have to use a porcelain crown. We also use them with severely damaged teeth or teeth that have already had multiple fillings. Porcelain crowns are attached right to your teeth so that they can function, even when you bite something really hard! There are several types of porcelain crowns so it is important to discuss which type is best for you with your dentist.

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Invisalign  Glendale, AZ


Invisalign® is a modern alternative to straighten your teeth without wires or metal. Invisalign® involves a series of custom trays designed specifically for you and the plan your dentist or orthodontist creates to move your teeth. The trays are made from a smooth plastic that covers your teeth and gradually moves them into place.

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All-on-3 Trefoil® System Glendale, AZ

All-on-3 Trefoil® System

At Arrowhead Ranch Dentistry we are proud to offer the All-on-3 Trefoil® system to our patients. This acrylic hybrid prosthesis is a more affordable option to our All-on-4 Dental Implant System, and is made from titanium as well. This alternative to snap on dentures is much more comfortable and functional than other options on the market as it is a fixed, permanent solution to missing teeth.

This surgical implant procedure is designed for the mandibular or lower arch and can often be completed in one day. During your procedure, we will place the three titanium implants into the jawbone and then attach your new artificial teeth to a post that will give you the strength and stability of your natural teeth. Our specialists will work with you to customize your treatment plan to your specific, individual needs.

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Fountain Of Youth Dentures Glendale, AZ

Fountain Of Youth Dentures

Many people wish they could look younger, and often go to great lengths to achieve their aesthetic goals. However, some traditional dentures can make you look and feel older. Did you know that you can actually achieve a younger-looking facial structure and smile while still wearing dentures? At Arrowhead Ranch Dentistry we are proud to offer Fountain of Youth® Dentures to our patients looking to achieve that younger-looking appearance.

When patients experience tooth loss, they often also experience issues that are a result of missing teeth. Without the physical stimulation that naturally occurs from chewing, the jawbone can quickly deteriorate and can affect not only your oral health but also your physical appearance. Traditional dentures tend to rest on top of this bone material, but never provide that stimulation needed to keep the jawbone healthy and intact. This can make denture wearers look older than they are, which is never a desirable outcome.

With our Fountain of Youth® Dentures, you won’t have to worry about jawbone deterioration like you would with traditional dentures. Their unique design allows an even pressure to be distributed across the jawbone and gums to mimic the natural stimulation they would receive from chewing with your natural teeth. Your dentures will be fitted to rest partially on the muscles to build your bite and optimize muscle function, which in turn helps build facial stability, support, and aesthetics for a younger-looking appearance.

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