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The All-On-3 Trefoil ProcedureGlendale, AZ

Every day that a person continues to live with removable dentures or continues to live with missing teeth is another day for a section of the jaw to lose shape. Eventually, the removable dentures will become loose and need adjustments, while the face begins to sag in where the person is missing teeth. While people hear about the possible treatments with dental implants and the All-On-4® system, there is a more efficient process available: the Trefoil® system.

The company, Nobel Biocare®, created the Trefoil system to enable dental professionals to better help their patients by providing an efficient teeth replacement option. The company also hopes that these replacement teeth will last a lifetime or at least as long as possible. The procedure is even faster and more efficient than other options.

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The Reason for Fixed Teeth Replacements

When an adult patient loses a permanent tooth or several teeth, there are multiple replacement options. Even if the reason for losing teeth is due to an infection, a necessary extraction or trauma to the face, this solution can help restore a smile and prevent changes to the face. After a patient loses multiple teeth, the body goes through a process known as osseointegration.

Osseointegration is when the body no longer receives stimulation from the jawbone due to missing teeth. Thus, the body will leach the calcium from those areas of the jawbone for other areas in the body. In doing so, the face will begin to sink in. Even if patients wear removable dentures during the day, the jawline will recede over time. This is why many people choose fixed teeth replacements that remain in the mouth and continue to stimulate the jawbone.

The Trefoil System

While people can invest in various forms of dental implants, there is a more efficient option that patients can invest in. The Trefoil system enhances the fixed dental prosthesis process. By using this system, we can provide patients with a fixed prosthesis in as little as one day; depending on a few factors.

For patients who need to replace an entire row of teeth, one of the main concerns is how long the process will take. While removable dentures can seem faster, they will take multiple appointments and are not nearly as sturdy as fixed dentures or implants. The Trefoil system will speed up the entire process and provide a more permanent solution.

Unlike other options, the Trefoil system uses three titanium implants along with a pre-manufactured titanium bar. The decrease in the amount of time the process takes is the result of using this pre-manufactured titanium bar. Nobel Biocare® explains on their website that this pre-manufactured bar:

  • Is anatomically designed for the natural arch of the mandible
  • Contains adaptive joints that adjust to compensate for deviations (vertical, horizontal, and angular) from the ideal implant position
  • Enables the passive fit of the definitive prosthesis

With these adaptive joints, we are able to ensure a sturdier fit that meets the shape of the patient’s jaw. With this system in place, the patient will not have to deal with the artificial teeth falling out or becoming loose.

The Process

While surgery is necessary for the Trefoil process, it can be faster than placing other options. Part of the reason for this is due to having the pre-manufactured bar. The patient will be completely under for the procedure. To begin, Dr. Mark Chase FAGD, LVIF, FICCMO, who has the proper credentials and training for the Trefoil system, will prepare the central implant site. Then, he will insert the center implant before placing the other two implants on both sides of the center implant.

After placing abutments, he will then place an abutment to construct the verification index before suturing up the patient. Once the implants are in place, it will then be time to place the pre-manufactured bar over the implants themselves. While this procedure is possible the same day as the procedure, that may change depending on the patient and a few other factors.

Since the patient will be asleep during the procedure, the patient will need to set up a form of transportation home while the effects of the drugs are still wearing off. Patients can have a friend or family member drive them home, or call an Uber. Regardless, we can help ensure the process moves more quickly than other teeth-replacement options.

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We can also help the patient adjust to wearing his or her artificial teeth. If you are interested in an efficient teeth-replacement process, permanent solution to tooth loss and maintaining functional teeth the look real, then the Trefoil system is for you. Give us a call for more information or to schedule a consultation today.