Improve Your Appearance with the Fountain of Youth Dentures

DenturesFountain of Youth Dentures® can not only provide functional teeth but will also give patients a face lift at the same time. There are many advantages that this type of denture offer over traditional methods, the most prominent of which is the ability to make the wearer look younger. With this rapidly evolving technology, the days of dental devices causing sagging and making a person look older are in the past.

Jawbone deterioration

Most patients do not realize that the tooth loss they experience is a result of not having sufficient jaw bone density to maintain teeth. As a person gets older, they tend to experience jaw bone deterioration, which can ultimately lead to tooth loss. The bone material that the root of a tooth is attached to is accustomed to a level of physical stimulation that is produced when a person chews or bites down on something. As long as the natural teeth remain in place, the jaw bone is expected to remain healthy and intact. However, once there has been any level of tooth loss, because of disease, trauma or age, the jaw bone can start to deteriorate rapidly.

Due to the use of traditional dentures, which are designed to rest on top of the gum tissues, traditional restorative devices do not provide any natural pressure on the jawbone which means that the jawbone does not experience the stimulation that is necessary to keep it from resorption. Since the jaw bone is also responsible for maintaining the facial integrity and structure, once resorption begins, a patient will start to experience sagging and will begin to look much older than they actually are.

Even pressure

The Fountain of Youth Dentures® are specifically designed to provide an even amount of pressure on the gums and the jaw bone by creating a denture that fits better and rests partially on the muscles. These dentures are then placed to build the bite at a position where the muscles function the best. This same position also provides the patient with the greatest degree of facial support, and works to achieve stability while promoting the greatest facial aesthetics.

Neuromuscular approach

Fountain of Youth Dentures® uses a neuromuscular approach to dentistry. Neuromuscular dentistry is the study of the mass of the system of muscles, bones, and nerves. Using the insights of neuromuscular dentistry, Fountain of Youth Dentures® have been able to improve the fit and function of dentures.

Unlike traditional dentures that are based on a static compression of the mouth, these dentures are based on a dynamic impression, one made while the muscles are in motion, which ultimately helps the dentures to fit and operate more effective.

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