4 Reasons for Wearing Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are a great multi-purpose oral appliance that many people wear for different reasons. A lot of people believe that mouth guards only have one purpose, but that isn’t true. Mouth guards can help with a wide variety of conditions or problems that a person faces. In this article, we outline some good reasons for wearing mouth guards. It can be helpful to know what purposes they serve in case you’re considering one. 

Reasons to wear a mouth guard


Most are under the impression that mouth guards are used just for sports, but that is far from the truth. While wearing a mouth guard for different sports is common, it isn’t the only reason to wear one. However, it is a great idea to use a mouth guard while playing sports, as it is an important protective and preventative measure. A mouth guard can be useful for sports that involve high impacts such as football or wrestling. However, a lot of other sports also make use of them because they are a great way to protect the teeth and the jaw during practice or a game.

Sleep apnea

Another great reason to wear a mouth guard is to help with sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a type of sleeping disorder that causes a person to stop breathing for brief periods throughout the night from a closed airway. Wearing a certain type of mouth guard when sleeping can help hold the tongue and jaw in a certain way so that the airway is less likely to collapse during the night. Sleep apnea is treatable through different measures, but a mouth guard is a great place to start as it can help a person’s breathing to be more regulated throughout the night.


Wearing a mouth guard at night is something that a lot of people have to do to prevent bruxism, which is also known as teeth grinding. A mouth guard helps prevent the top and bottom set of teeth from rubbing together which creates erosion and discomfort. People that wear a mouth guard when they sleep are protecting their teeth, their jaws and, actually, their heads too. A lot of people experience severe headaches after a night of grinding their teeth due to the jaw overworking itself, which affects the head.


While snoring can go hand in hand with sleep apnea, a lot of people snore but don’t have any sleep apnea problems. Snoring can cause nasal and oral issues later on down the line, but with the help of a mouth guard, patients can get their snoring under control. While a mouth guard may not completely stop snoring, it may help reduce it so that a patient, and their partner, can get a better night's sleep. Mouth guards are a great way to help with sleeping problems, too. It is best to talk with a dentist, sleep specialist or even a doctor about sleep problems. Mouth guards can be customized to fit your mouth and to help with whatever problems you’re experiencing.

Can a mouth guard help you?

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