3 Reasons to Wear a Mouth Guard

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Many people do not even consider wearing a mouth guard because of the way they look. However, there are multiple reasons someone should wear a mouth guard that are much more important than appearance. Below we will review three reasons mouth guards can actually be a saving grace.

Reasons to wear a mouth guard

1. Protect against physical contact

If you are involved in physical activity, mouth guards can help protect your teeth from breaking or catching a tooth fracture. This is also the same for tooth displacements. If a baseball hits you smack right in the mouth and you are not wearing a mouth guard, chances are you will break at least one tooth.

A mouth guard can help cushion your teeth and distribute the force over all your teeth. This makes it so one single tooth does not receive a crushing blow from a baseball. The same goes for getting a tooth knocked out. If you are wearing a mouth guard, you may not have any teeth knocked out at all. Mouth guards can also help prevent jaw fractures from physical contact.

2. Protect teeth from grinding

For people who grind their teeth often, wearing a mouth guard can be a great preventative option. Not only does wearing a mouth guard protect your teeth from grinding, but also helps your jaw muscles to catch a break during the nighttime since they are unable to clench down as much. The mouth guard provides a soft barrier between the teeth and distributes the pressure for the jaw. 

3. Save money

Wearing a mouth guard can help save you thousands of dollars in dental and medical bills due to high contact sports and accidents in general. Mouth guards help prevent thousands of injuries every single year. They are also extremely cheap, especially if you factor in all that you do. For a few dollars here and there, you could be potentially saving yourself thousands of dollars in medical procedures and hours of hassle.

Ignore peer pressure!

Although mouth guards and helmets are often socially knocked by teenagers and adolescents, you have to realize all that they do. If something happens to your teeth, it could cost you or your parents thousands of dollars in repair options and procedures. Once your teeth are damaged, it is extremely difficult to restore them to their original condition without dropping thousands of dollars in restorative surgery and treatment. So ignore everyone telling you not to take care of your teeth.

Even if you are not wearing a mouth guard due to teeth grinding, you should wear a mouth guard if you are actively participating in contact sports or any activity where you could potentially damage your teeth. This is in your best interest to protect not only your dental health but also your physical appearance. Having a beautiful smile can help boost anyone’s self-confidence and morale. Contact a dental professional to discuss getting a mouth guard!

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